Managed Services

The older way of doing business computer/network support is called "Break Fix" meaning you wait until it breaks then you call us. This makes for sporadic and sometimes costly IT bills. The new way is called Managed Services or Managed Services Program (MSP). With the old way when you are doing poorly (many computer/network problems) we are doing well (billable time). What we have done with the MSP is put our best interests in alignment with your best interests. You pay a flat monthly fee for which we maintain your systems. If something goes wrong (even catastrophic failure) you pay no extra for labor. That way it is in our best interest to keep your systems running as smoothly as possible. If you are doing well our margins go up. If you are doing poorly our margins go down. In short if your doing good we are doing good and if you are doing poorly we are doing poorly.



We make PC deployment easier With Client Installation services, you'll find PC deployment simpler, faster and more cost-effective. You get an end-to-end service that can be enriched with options such as: imaging, data migration, and installing and configuring a wireless router.
We can send technicians to manage every aspect of installing your new or existing hardware.
On Site can also move and integrate your existing Data into your new systems to make the transfer as transparent as possible.
Our data and settings transfer service includes:
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